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Why Great Writing Is Never Going Out of Style

In an era where audio and video content seem to rule the Internet, does the written word still matter? 

Our stance will come as no surprise to you. It’s an unequivocal yes—writing still matters! Great writing is critical to business success and will never go out of style. 

From developing contracts to communicating core values, the fact is, when you need to get aligned with other people, you put important ideas, information, and commitments in writing. This truth is at the core of content marketing.

Writing Is the Foundation of All Content

Some marketing trends advocate audio and video over written content marketing assets (such as blogs). However, it’s important to remember that these mediums still use writing as their foundation. Think about it. Podcasts require scripts and notes, and most branded video content is scripted by a team of professionals. 

Written content is also valuable when it’s nothing more than words on a page. It’s far more skimmable than other types of content and can be consumed in any environment. And when you compare quality audio and video content to quality writing, writing is usually faster, less expensive, and easier to produce.

Here at Every Little Word, we believe there’s space for all types of content out on the Internet. 

Audio and video content are excellent avenues for delivering engaging content to the general public. So is written content. We advocate for a “both/and” strategy instead of “either/or.” 

The “3 Cs” of Great Writing

Ultimately, quality is everything in writing, and only the best content has a meaningful impact. So, what makes a piece of written content truly stellar? In our experience developing high-quality content for B2B brands, we’ve identified three pillars of great writing that we call the “3 Cs”: 

  1. Clear. Your content needs to be direct, relevant, and easy to understand.
  1. Clean. Typos, grammatical errors, and sloppy copy devalue your brand, so all of your content must be clean and professional. 
  1. Customer-centric. Readers tend to seek entertainment or information—be sure to center your audience’s problems, needs, and desires in your blog posts.

At Every Little Word, we’re experts in content marketing and put great writing at the center of every piece we produce. You hold yourself to high standards at your company—we do, too. It’s our job to develop content that matches the quality of your work.

We’ve mastered the art of taking your ideas and expertise and turning that knowledge into high-performing blog posts—without you writing a single word! Let us show you how. Book a discovery call with our team today. 

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