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How Bad B2B Content Marketing Hurts Your Business 

One of my guilty pleasures is obsessively consuming reviews, recaps, and think pieces about my favorite TV shows. I love to dive into the story, the characters, and the process. But so many headlines overpromise and underdeliver to the point of being a complete waste of time.

You know the feeling: when a headline catches your attention, and you think, “THIS! I need to know more!” So you click on the link and. . . 

Major disappointment. 

These articles don’t introduce you to new ideas or prompt further thought. The quality is abysmal, with misspelled words and terrible grammar. Then there’s the clickbait—content designed to attract your click to sell you on some unrelated product or service.

I don’t know about you, but when this happens to me, I immediately click away because the content didn’t live up to my expectations.


Quality Content Matters More than You Know

Many companies see content as the best way to capture organic search traffic and get website visitors, and they’re not wrong—that is, if the content is high-quality. Clicks and hits mean nothing if they don’t lead visitors to like, trust, and eventually buy from your brand.

When content doesn’t deliver on its promise, it not only fails to position your business in the best light but can also be perceived as manipulative—even malicious. Remember: in the B2B content marketing realm, your content speaks to smart professionals who are experts in their field. Talking down to your audience with low-quality content wastes their time, erodes their trust, and diminishes your credibility.

And if a single negative experience can dissuade a potential customer from ever again clicking on your content, it will certainly destroy any likelihood of them converting.

Guess who else is paying attention? GOOGLE.

It’s also important to consider that Google makes a note of every content engagement. The search engine knows how long a reader stays on your page, whether they navigate away from your website or further into it, whether they share the link with others or leave a comment. Each interaction contributes to Google’s ranking of your content, so if you want your content to show up in search results,
quality is key.


Great Companies Deserve Great B2B Content Marketing

The companies we work with here at Every Little Word put their all into being great. They have high standards and exacting values, and they care deeply about their customers and clients. 

Your B2B content marketing should reflect those principles because if it doesn’t, your audience will assume the worst. After all, if you can’t be bothered to create and share high-quality blog posts and social media, can they trust you to deliver high-quality products and services?


Ask yourself this one critical question. . .

“Why does your audience care?”

This is the key question we’ll ask you when we’re helping you develop content. (Not every content marketing agency takes the time to uncover your “why,” but for us, it’s a top priority!) 

Content Conversations℠ aim to unearth the true breadth of your expertise. Surface-level sharing simply won’t cut it for a discerning audience, so we help you dig deeper.

With so much low-quality content flooding people’s screens, you have the chance to differentiate yourself and your business by sharing meaningful insights, offering valuable education, and providing enjoyable engagement opportunities. 

And when you partner with a team of content collaborators like Every Little Word, you can generate content in
your voice for your audience without ever writing a word. for your audience—without ever writing a word.

Book a Discovery Call to get started! 

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